VR Apps development

Virtual Reality can take you to new worlds like never before, immersing you in space, time and story.  We can customize VR apps or system per different requirement, e.g. Real Estate, Interior design, Learning, education Sports and etc. Latest Virtual Reality (VR) Development, attract your clients and help them cross the region into the virtual world.

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VR360 introduction
VR360 (360-degree physical virtual) is a technology that can perform audio-visual simulation of the environment. After the simulation, the user will be in reality. The VR360 has many uses besides application entertainment. For example, the driver’s simulation training, medical surgery or even military use. It is now the hottest technology in the world.

“Being in it” is the most powerful audio-visual enjoyment of VR360. The VR360 has a variety of analog functions, including live and previously captured video or real-time 3D simulations of the entity. Its experience is not comparable to traditional video. After this technology emerges, the future world we see in the movie will no longer be out of reach.

In addition to the popularity of technology, VR360 is gradually integrated into life. We can create different needs according to the different requirements of our guests. Whether it’s educational or commercial use (real estate, interior design, game production, movies), we can present it whenever you want. The virtual world is no longer limited to the visual experience, but can also feel the shocking effect of VR360 with the body.

Although the hardware for creating 360-degree VR has existed for many years, user experience technology has only recently appeared. Using multiple projectors can create a superior user experience. For many people, VR360 may still be a strange technology, but in the near future, VR360 will be an important product of considerable popularity. If you have any enquiries about this, please call or email us. We are happy to give you further explanation.

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