VR Therapy System

VR Therapy for people with mental issue

Researches reveal that, depression will become the second most common illness and health experts project that mental disorders will become the most common illness in the world. Therefore, the market growing in psychotherapy is demanding.
Utilizing the VR technology, we develop therapy system which effectively reduces symptoms of certain mental illness including depression, persecutory delusions, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), pain distraction and Autism.
The therapy scenes’ setup are supported by oversea authority researches. We are holding this patent issued by the State Intellectual Property of Office of the P.R.C. The system will be launched in local hospital in 2019.


Features of the Therapy System:


  • Reduce total habitation/training time effectively.
  • Retrieve real-time user’s body data.
  • Generate therapy report with body-monitoring stats and therapy details automatically.
  • Lower setup cost comparing to setting up real scene.

VR Therapy
VR Therapy

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