QuantaView is a category of network behavior anomaly detection (NBAD) systems, so you can address three major aspects of computer security:

    Worm detection . Worms can pass the 0-day vulnerability to their intended goals, so traditional signature-based intrusion detection systems are not suitable for detecting them.
    These types of DDoS attacks are usually spoofed from any source address, and these types of DDoS attacks are usually spoofed from any source address, and for a single IP (or a small group of IP).
  • Vulnerability Score . Each system that is monitored runs a set of user space applications. Each of these applications has a set of related vulnerabilities, and from this group of vulnerabilities, QuantaView derives a score that represents the severity of the system vulnerability

function list

The following functions are implemented in the current project:

  • Threat detection on local subnet
  • worm detection
  • DDoS detection
  • Vulnerability Score

Casual Game Portal

Iflexion offers a new brand portal that will provide dozens of casual cash games, award lottery tickets and massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) for software system developers in the casual gaming industry. The solution is significant for many features and features, including great scalability and performance, a separate business process engine for asynchronous task processing, and a strong integration with many third-party services such as CommerceGate, OfferPal and Zong. Administrator users can access system logs at any time to monitor system activity and performance and generate rich reports about business-critical data. The portal offers a rich VR immersive user experience, an attractive 2.5D mobile user interface and a convenient Facebook integration and apps.

City Pulse Institute of Film & Television

Culture Campus The city is a vision of twenty years ago, providing a platform for real art connoisseurs to enjoy the performers and play in an incomplete way.

A place, along with other performing arts, is also considered a live interactive media, not a passive, popular artist.

Mondo – a modular car

An innovative car project of the 1990s. This project introduces the concept of modular and custom city car. This idea was born with an accurate study and analysis of needs. The goal is to reduce the cost of production by improving the possibility of customizing the model, it has been implemented in order to improve the parking lot door opening by opening the system by using round and door system.


Surprisingly, some people did not find exciting code for them to be just a boring job. But although there may be a lot of boring programming work, but this does not mean that you have to be one of the placement. Programmers have the opportunity to do some interesting hints, especially if they know Java. Java may now be the most popular language among employers this Means that there are a variety of job options. Have a little look, you can find an interesting job for your life to make work fun. Of course, a person may be interested in others may not be too much, so take a look at these ten surprisingly cool ways to earn Java inspiration to inspire work and make your programming work interesting.