Camp travel site – 95% of parents said that this has a positive impact on their children life, helping them to develop outdoors and different people and places to enjoy. In addition, the car than the hotel feel more like home in general, so that travel to relax and familiar, there is no surprise.
Control live. You decide when and where to go, you want to go with you. No racing can catch up with the flight, the hotel check-in, or a long journey.


Project Description

It has mobile applications for Listings, TV, Cineman and Gossip for the iPhone and Android platforms. It is also a great social media player with nearly 50,000 friends and more than 120,000 members on Facebook. And won three major awards in 2012, including the WebAwards Grand Prix Award for the best site in Ireland.

Mondo – a modular car

An innovative car project of the 1990s. This project introduces the concept of modular and custom city car. This idea was born with an accurate study and analysis of needs. The goal is to reduce the cost of production by improving the possibility of customizing the model, it has been implemented in order to improve the parking lot door opening by opening the system by using round and door system.