CSD Multi-user VR training System

Develop Multi-user VR Training System with sensor weapons, and hand tracking for train staff to handle different scenarios during their jobs including VR App and Admin panel to control and manage the events and report for the performance of staff .CSD_demo3

Support 4 players to Train in the VR CAVE at the same time, hand tracking to interact the objects, tool, 3D characters the VR scenes,


Develop Multi-user VR CAVE Training System for Correctional Services Dept. (CSD) 香港懲教署 aim at training staff to handle different scenarios during their jobs including VR App and Admin panel to control and manage the events and report for the performance of staff.


VR Online Learning System For HKBU

The development of online learning platform (including web-based platform) and VR system to cover Bio, Chem and Lab safety, include 16 VR learning games for Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學


Web 360 – Learning lessons selection in Catalogue, e.g. Chemistry


Study the lesson content by playing the VR game


VR Exhibition web

Develop Web-based VR exhibition for 10 schools

The link of the VR exhibition :



Showing all the student’s artwork


Web-based 360 VR tour of 10 school


CAS VR Training System

Develop VR Training System including VR App and Admin panel


Manage and edit VR Video, 360 images, hotspot, upload training materials files.



you have selected one of the catalogs, the contents related to the catalog will be shown in the middle. If you are feeling lucky, you may also choose contents from the right panel, which is showing a list of featuring contents.





VR Rehabilitation Training System

Develop VR Rehabilitation training system for elderly including 6 mins walk, assessment, using motion camera and portable VR Headset.


Motion detection to assess motions of the players and the balance ability of user.


Our system integrates technologies of VR visualization and full-body motion tracking. It is immersive and responsive which facilitates user’s body movement. This technology is applicable to elderly Rehabilitation, Body Training education etc.



VR Video (Real Scene) Production

We have solid experience in VR video shooting, recently we help a client – handy phone system for 2000 hotels to produce a VR360 video to introduce Hong Kong.

We use professional VR 360 camera, which can produce up to high quality 8K 360 image and video (because of bandwith, in most case 4K is for practical use)



Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality(AR) can make some virtual things into the real life. It can bring you an unprecedented experience.
AR4AR3AR1    AR2

Augmented Reality Balance Assessment

The Balance Assessment can assess the balance for the people.

Balance 1
Motion detection  to assess the balance ability of user.
Balance 2
System to show unbalanced direction.

COG theme Mona Lisa – VR web

We develop an Interactive VR Web with Mona Lisa theme for Miramar COG shops in TST to introduce old Hong Kong resturestant (冰室) and street (石板街).



HK Tour – VR Web

We develop VR technology for travel and enjoy all aspects of the tourist attractions. At the same time, it can be combined with different background effects or voice explanations to bring visitors a refreshing tour guide experience.

HK VR tour radiance (4)HK VR tour radiance (5)Tour1HK VR tour radiance (3)

HK VR tour radiance (1)HK VR tour radiance (2)