VR Video (Real Scene) Production

We have solid experience in VR video shooting, recently we help a client – handy phone system for 2000 hotels to produce a VR360 video to introduce Hong Kong.

We use professional VR 360 camera, which can produce up to high quality 8K 360 image and video (because of bandwith, in most case 4K is for practical use)



Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality(AR) can make some virtual things into the real life. It can bring you an unprecedented experience.
AR4AR3AR1    AR2

Augmented Reality Balance Assessment

The Balance Assessment can assess the balance for the people.

Balance 1
Motion detection  to assess the balance ability of user.
Balance 2
System to show unbalanced direction.

COG theme Mona Lisa – VR web

We develop an Interactive VR Web with Mona Lisa theme for Miramar COG shops in TST to introduce old Hong Kong resturestant (冰室) and street (石板街).



HK Tour – VR Web

We develop VR technology for travel and enjoy all aspects of the tourist attractions. At the same time, it can be combined with different background effects or voice explanations to bring visitors a refreshing tour guide experience.

HK VR tour radiance (4)HK VR tour radiance (5)Tour1HK VR tour radiance (3)

HK VR tour radiance (1)HK VR tour radiance (2)

Galaxy Star – VR App

Our Solar and Galaxy App guides you to explore the universe.

80+ Constellations and 8000+ stars visible to the naked eyes. You can see the solar system stars, constellations and deep sky objects you are watching in reality.

You can even create your own star and name it.

VR 360 Interior Design

Develop the VR360 interior and landscape design for a Japanese real estate in Hokkaido.

interior demo


The user can change different material in the VR 360 Scene:
material change demo

360 view Demo:

HKPC – VR Driving

The VR game is developed to promote the R&D products from HKPC.

It will be exhibited in HKCEC to entertain the public. The game is developed in the HTC VIVE platform.

Player can drive in the VR lane with changing direction, braking and accelerating. Getting score by picking-up ‘Charger’ or avoiding obstacles on the road.


Game Control Mode:

Player can select from the two modes available: VR controller / Physical steering wheel.

Wheel Steering Control Model:

It is designed and prepared for giving immersive experience of simulating driving to the player. The wheel, brake and accelerator are installed on the model.

VR driving (3)     VR car cover2_w


Hotel – VR App

We developed a VR player that plays VR 360-degree videos with dynamic control panel and user-friendly experience.

The app will be implemented in handy phone to provide VR video service to 2000+ hotels over the world.


Demo Video

HK background

Admin Panel

CMS video edit+