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Do you ever think about why more than hundreds of millions, or even billions of funds, are invested in developing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in Hong Kong? It is because AR as well as VR in Hong Kong are not only modern technology, but they are also as powerful as magic, they can change and advance our daily lives into a distinct form, opening a myriad of new possibilities. More and more companies, organizations, and users are seeking a VR and AR Hong Kong company to provide some training, educational work, and rehabilitation. VR AR company development and services are easy with Radiance Tech, our professional team is well-versed in what AR and VR Hong Kong services the users are looking for or wants to have. In addition to the spread of augmented reality and virtual reality Hong Kong content in all vertical fields, the content and quality are also improving year by year. And now there are more and more companies using virtual reality and augmented reality in Hong Kong to fulfill their specific needs. Looking forward to the future, we can see VR and AR Hong Kong content being popularized on a larger scale. Radiance Tech provides AR and VR Hong Kong solutions for a range of companies and is your best VR AR company partner. Radiance Tech Services is a VR company focused on the development of such technologies in Hong Kong, providing AR as well as VR 360 related services to a wide range of industries. These services include training, rehabilitation, education, AR Hong Kong development, therapy, VR/AR Apps, VR/AR system development, professional consulting etc.

VR Panda – A Meta World Creator by Our VR Company

Radiance tech knows that designing and editing Virtual Reality Hong Kong content (VR 360 image or video), 3D models, characters, and animation require knowledge of programming, which is not easy for laymen or organizations without such expertise to create. Finding professionals to make VR Hong Kong content has a high cost and takes time for programming. That’s why we have created VR panda – a meta world creator. Providing a platform for the public and organizations to create their own virtual reality Hong Kong content in the easiest and most convenient way. They can create their own characters, 3D models, animation, and VR 360 media content. Users of our VR company platform would visit each other's meta worlds and make connections between meta worlds. All the VR Hong Kong content will be converted to NFT (Non-funding token) in a single web/based platform, which means users could share, buy, and sell their virtual reality Hong Kong content. We hope that everyone could enjoy using the technology on our specialist platform.

The Advent of VR 360 Technologies

For virtual reality and augmented reality in Hong Kong, the more important thing is how to make it more realistic. In other words, we can expect future developments in VR or AR Hong Kong content to present a more immersive experience. Recently, VR 360 uses an octahedral sphere omnidirectional stereo microphone to capture 360-degree audio, which can bring users a more immersive audio experience. This innovation in VR 360 will play a greater role on the basis of the development of virtual reality Hong Kong technology. There are predictions that VR Hong Kong devices can bring our nose's sense of smell and touch closer to the real experience than reality.

Real-world, Immersive Experiences

VR 360 is a real-life photo or video shot by a 360-degree camera so that the experiencer can feel like being in the real world when watching it. Whether it is VR glasses or direct interactive viewing through the screen, it can be called VR 360.

Freely Manipulate and Adjust Viewing Angles

VR 360 video, it's not hard to know what it is literally. Through the virtual image that can be viewed in 360 degrees, users can enjoy a more comprehensive video shooting scene, and the user can directly manipulate and adjust the viewing angle. To put it simply, traditional video only allows you to see a cross-sectional view of the shooting angle, whereas panoramic video in VR 360 allows you to see the rear, side, top and bottom perspectives of the lens that cannot be captured with conventional video. Users of such VR Hong Kong technologies will have a good immersion and experience when viewing these videos, and they will be able to feel the surrounding environment of the shooting location as if they were there. Whether it's hardware or software, our VR company firmly believes that virtual reality and augmented reality Hong Kong technology will only truly become mainstream when it becomes affordable for the average user. Now, most of the products on the VR and AR Hong Kong market are high-end products, which cost thousands of dollars, and ordinary users simply cannot afford them.

Why Choose Our VR AR Company?

Were you looking for an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Hong Kong partner? Why should you go with Radiance Tech? VR and AR in Hong Kong have steadily gained popularity in recent years. Many VR AR companies are now offering such products and technologies. It is difficult to choose the best VR AR company among the many in Hong Kong, and it is even more difficult if the customer does not understand what it is. We have extensive experience at Radiance Tech in VR/AR in Hong Kong. We put the customer first. We can help you create more possibilities no matter what industry you're in or what virtual reality or augmented reality Hong Kong projects you're considering. Radiance Tech as a VR AR company, provides an integrated and comprehensive solution for all your needs. We will provide corresponding support throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the purchase of the device to content development, to the rental and installation of the device. More and more powerful functions are being added to AR/VR in Hong Kong today. This trend will be followed in the future and technologies like VR 360 will be used for a wide range of applications, allowing VR/AR in Hong Kong to be displayed in unexpected environments. Our VR company will continue to be regarded as the best in Hong Kong due to our specialty and experience in these areas.

About Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in Hong Kong – FAQs:

1. What is AR and VR?

VR is known as Virtual Reality, which creates an artificial virtual world to the user by using the VR Hong Kong device. All the items in that environment are created artificially. AR is Augmented Reality, which provides more information on top of the normal world by using the AR Hong Kong device to enrich the experience of the user. A VR cave system is one of the Virtual Reality Hong Kong examples applied in the educational or training sector. VR cave training systems can bring the students/trainees to be fully immersed in and interact with their virtual models. It creates a full-body sense of presence in a virtual environment.

2. What industries are suited to using Virtual Reality Hong Kong technology and products?

VR Hong Kong in recent years began to be widely used in various fields. With the popularity of virtual reality and augmented reality Hong Kong technology and the increase in success stories, many counselors and therapists have adopted the use of virtual reality, like VR360 products, to help their patients or elderly persons. Our VR company uses advanced technology to develop health care and therapy solutions that can have a positive effect and become an efficient way to help patients. Educational products developed by our VR company are popular to use in different areas such as training, and learning environments within the educational and training sector. The use of VR and AR Hong Kong products reduces constraints such as location and time (access anytime and anywhere). Moreover, it can help simulate the scenery to get a better understanding, as well as provide opportunities for practice before entering hazardous situations.

3. What is Augmented Reality in Hong Kong and its usage?

Augmented Reality (AR in Hong Kong) will be more entertaining and convenient if it is installed on game products, but if it is applied to the field of education, it will make up for the shortcomings of currently-used technologies. This is also an area that our VR AR company specializes in.

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